Review Articles & Syllabi

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Iachello, G., & Hong, J. (2007). End-user privacy in human–computer interaction. Foundations and Trends in Human–Computer Interaction, 1(1), 1–137. doi:10.1561/1100000004

Li, Y. (2012). Theories in online information privacy research: A critical review and an integrated framework. Decision Support Systems, 54(1), 471-481.

Margulis, S. T. (2011). Three theories of privacy: An overview. In Privacy Online (pp. 9-17). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Smith, J. H., Dinev, T., & Xu, H. (2011). Information privacy research: An interdisciplinary review. MIS Quarterly, 35(4), 989–1015.

A selection of introductory texts on Privacy through Values in Design


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